How to Layer Necklaces

Essentially, it’s a very prominent, necklace-like ornament for your lower half. If your height is below average, longer necklaces may be less complimentary. Read More About Pearls for men

Men’s Necklace Style #2 Chains

Street cred aside, Cuban chains also have a classic look that pairs with multiple styles. So many types of necklace chains for men to choose from, you’re going to need some help sussing it all out. Herewith, 15 types of chains for men and when you should wear them. Combining your chain with accessories is a must to complete a well put together outfit. Bracelets and Chains complement each other seamlessly and are best coordinated with the same width mm and design as one another.

Necklace Length Chart: Find Your Size

Wear them in accordance with your faith’s teachings. And be respectful of the importance others place on these items even if you are not of their religion. Bracelets – Decorative, functional, cause-related, and medical alert. Lapel pins – They can be ornamental, collectable, or reveal a group affiliation.

If you want to wear pearls for a less formal occasion, however, notably long strands can still work well. You can get a strand of pearls measuring up to 100 inches long. For long necklaces like this, wrap the strand around your neck three to four times so that the pearls do not extend past your upper abdomen. For people with heights between 5 feet (1.5 m) 4 inches and 5 feet (1.5 m) 7 inches , necklaces of any length should work well. If your neck size measures 17 (43.2 cm) to 18 ½ inches , a 22-inch (55.9 cm) necklace would be a good option for you. A simple, stylish necklace is an important piece in a man’s style.

Either stick with dapper necklaces for men from Zenger or some cheap styles found at some random corner store. When trying to pair necklaces like a pro, the two should never be combined. I know, I know, matching is not a man’s forte, especially when it comes to colors.

A choker can be form-fitting on your neck or hang a little bit. The choker length is almost always visible above your clothes and can be used to express different styles depending on its design. The color matters as well – the fact that you’re going for gold doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be yellow gold. You might be tempted to pick out a white or rose gold chain, rather than the classic yellow. You could opt to layer different chains for added texture and movement. The chains can be of varying lengths and widths, and you get to choose the number of chains you want to wear. Ideally 2-5 makes for a good range but there are no rules and you can set the trend.

Together, this pendant and chain are a statement piece. If you want to layer your look, you can wear two or three chain and pendant combinations at a time.

Tom Wood Curb Chain M Gold

As men’s gold chains are a type of jewelry that’s meant to last a lifetime, proper care and maintenance are of the utmost importance. Frequent cleaning and damage inspections are needed, as well as professional repairs when necessary. Men’s gold chains are one of the more versatile types of jewelry for men and can be used to accent almost any style and look. If you’re someone who’s never worn a gold chain, it might feel strange at the start, perhaps even uncomfortable. But over time, you’ll find that the right gold chain is an every day accessory that can enhance your overall attire. Say the words gold chains for men and you might spark a debate on whether men should wear gold chains. Whether you’re a newbie or a gold chain pro, finding the best men’s gold chains is mainly about picking the right length, width and chain style.

Necklaces and pendants may be ways to celebrate, commemorate, or memorialize a person, event, or special relationship. Deciding how short or long the necklace should be will determine the overall impression your style leaves as well as how comfortable you are while wearing the jewelry. Silver pendant necklaces are an excellent accessory choice that adds dimension to any outfit. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn with casual or formal attire, making them a perfect choice for any occasion.

If the chain is thin enough, you won’t notice it on your neck while sleeping. For chucker pieces, you’ll most likely feel it while sleeping and may even wake up with markings on your neck. Men wear necklaces for a variety of reasons, including expressing themselves through their style, a sense of luxury, and for fun. A necklace is an accessory that can elevate your look, whether you wear it for fashion or to complete your outfit. Even if one’s tastes differ, a well-worn necklace is objectively quite appealing to a man.

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