Adjusters Recovering Property

Adjusters Recovering Property: Let’s face it, insurance companies are not knocking down your door to pay your property insurance claim. Hiring representation and having a public adjuster from primeadjustments by your side for complex insurance claims is a necessity. It’s hard for a policyholder to go up against their insurance company. Typically, this is not something you have experience with day to day. After a loss your insurance company wants to you get quotes, document your loss and provide them a specific dollar figure that you are owed and you are expected to follow the policy and mitigate your loss.
Fire Damage Assessment: Our meticulous approach begins with a detailed assessment of the fire damage. We evaluate with experts to document the damage, establish heat zones, preform hardness testing, piping and stress analysis.
Fire Damage Documentation: Precise documentation is important to building and proving your insurance claim. We compile an exhaustive record of the damage, from structural elements to personal belongings.

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